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Upgrades, Retrofits,
& Modernization

U.S. Crane, Inc. has the capability to upgrade, modernize, refurbish, retrofit, and modify your overhead crane, lifting equipment, controls, electrification, and more.  We provide these services both at your facility and/or at our facility.  We understand the improvements with technology today and with our expertise we feel it essential to pass that on to our customers.

Our sales team will come out free of charge to review your upcoming project, create a plan, and provide a proposal to meet our customers needs.  Once an order is received our experienced and trained service team is happy to put this plan into action and provide our customers with the upgrade that they desire.

Common Types We Offer


  • Automation - Complete or Partial

  • Below-the-Hook Refurbishment

  • Capacity Upgrades

  • Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Control Modernization

  • Cross Bridge Electrification Upgrades

  • Ergonomic Additions / Upgrades

  • Electrical Control Upgrades

  • Girder Refurbishment

  • Girder Re-span

  • Hoist / Trolley / End Truck / Gear Box Rebuilds or Replacements

  • Lifting Height Increase

  • Major Component Upgrades

  • Pendant Operation to Radio Control Operation

  • Overload Sensor Upgrade

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Speed Modifications

  • Variable Frequency Drives

This is just to name a few of the things that we have completed for our customers and that we have to offer.  Out with the old, in with the new!

Let us provide you these services on your next project!

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