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U.S. Crane, Inc.
for Your Industry

Aerospace & Aviation

We know the demand for efficiency in the aerospace industry and we are here to help design, manufacture, and service overhead cranes to maximize their productivity.  Offering large capacity, long spans, and reliable systems to meet the needs.


We service and provide overhead cranes for companies manufacturing cars and trucks, auto engine producers, or even automotive components.  You can rely on us to keep your assembly line, workstations, or large bay cranes productive to keep up with the industry demand.

Energy & Utilities

From power and energy plants to oil production to wastewater facilities.  We cover them all.  Providing routine maintenance, custom applications, and emergency service.  We know the importance of efficiency - allow us to keep you running and prevent downtime.


The harsh conditions of foundries don't steer us away.  We are happy to service and provide cranes for any environment.  We know the special characteristics it requires to have a durable crane to withstand all the dust, high temperatures, and work loads.

General Manufacturing

We understand the importance of a consistent workflow within the manufacturing facilities we go into.  We service the lifting needs of any customer no matter what the facility may be.  We range from chemicals to food to small parts to you name it.


We know the ins and outs of government contracts can be difficult at times.  It doesn't deter us from supplying equipment to meet the specifications and service to meet the standards.  We work with city, state, federal, military, water treatment facilities, and more.


From large steel mills to machine shops to fabrication shops.  We make sure to provide our customers with a crane for the service class that best fits their needs.  Also, offering consistent service, modernization, rebuilds, below-the-hook devices, and more for extreme safety.


We know the importance of having a crane in the mining sector that is able function against the dust, temperatures, moisture, and more.  Our service technicians are MSHA certified annually and are trained for surface and underground conditions.

Pulp & Paper

We are familiar with this industry and also, the high humidity and high temperatures that come with it.  It is important to have a crane that is able to fight off the constant condensation and perform.  Installing cranes for the wet and dry end of your mill.


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