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Load Tests

U.S. Crane, Inc. provides load tests with certified weights ranging anywhere from 1/4 ton to 200 ton and more up to 125% of rated capacity.

Overhead crane load testing is required by OSHA law with the safety of all employees, operators, and the workplace in mind.  A load test verifies that the crane, hoist, lifting device and/or structure complies with its specifications, capacity, and safety requirements before using it for work.  We complete an inspection before we perform any load test to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility.

We offer static load testing, load testing by certified block weights, carts for weights at a high capacity, and water bag load testing.

After installation of a new system or a major alteration/repair of a current system a load test is required with 100% of the weight for a given capacity.  During the load test our service technicians will complete the following steps, both before and during:

  • Hoist Functionality/Condition - Up/Down

  • Trolley Functionality/Condition and Travel

  • Bridge Functionality/Condition and Travel

  • Functionality/Conditon of all safety devices - Limit switches, locking, overloads, etc.

  • If applicable, Lifting Device Functionality and Condition

  • Proper Rigging

  • Rated Load Test


If the load test is successful then a certificate will be held in our files and a certificate will be issued to our customer.


Load testing is not only required, but it also helps to prevent a failure that could ultimately result in an accident.  Allow us to perform you with your next load test with a certified and competent technician to ensure the safety at your facility.

Link to load test requirements found here.

US Crane Load Test
US Crane Load Testing
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