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Why Choose

U.S. Crane, Inc.?

Customer Service

Our customers are the #1 priority for us.  When you call us you will be treated like family and you'll notice right away.  How is that you might ask?  It's simple.  When you call, we answer.  No self-automated answering or answering machine.


Officially established as U.S. Crane, Inc. in 1992.  A majority of our employees have been working in the overhead crane industry far longer than that.  Most of them offer 30 plus years of experience in the industry and hold a drive to continue to grow and adapt.


As a provider for the overhead crane industry we provide repair work on all material handling equipment types.  Our skilled service technicians strive to make sure our customers are able to extend the life of their equipment and maintain operation.


Here at U.S. Crane, Inc. we take pride in being able to offer our customers with any and all brands that are out there.  We stock parts and equipment of many brands.  Our diverse collection allows us to meet the needs of all current and future customers.


We believe our reputation to be very good.  We feel it stems from our customer service, superior experience, repair and maintenance services, products we have to offer, and much more.  We are happy to hear the good things our customers have to say about us.


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